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Xela Knight is the paranormal leader of A. E. Murphy’s books. She’s just as fluent in sarcasm as Alex, but is just less of a giant dick about it.

You can find Xela Knight chilling in the recesses of Alex’s brain, being fed grapes by wolf kings and sexy AF demons from hell itself.

If you need her, try luring her out with cake, if that doesn’t work, walk away slowly, no sudden movements. Seriously.

Xela says thank you for reading her bio, Xela asks for feedback, Xela smiles and ignores the slight twitching of her eye.


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SYPHON 1 3D.png

Shay has plans, huge plans. Plans that involve finishing university, making mistakes with guys who aren’t worth it, and socialising the scene like a queen. Dying is not on the agenda, nor is being reborn into a world that looks just like the one she grew up in but is something else entirely.
Still, curveballs and all that.

Navigating her new vampiric mind while being held captive in a cell beneath the house of a young-looking but ancient-AF Japanese guy was also not on the cards. It proves difficult to tame her new body and nature, and the feisty biter in her isn’t sure she wants that anyway. Who wants to be tame when you can be wild?
Not Shay.
Because Shay has new plans… and she’ll be damned before she lets anybody stand in the way of her and her next vein.


This is the first book to be released in the Hell Queens Hath No Fury saga, follow the story through Shay's eyes through the A series.

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