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Sweet Demands Trilogy

Lockhart is the kind of man who will go to any lengths to get what he wants.
Cerise is about to learn this the hard way.
She thinks they connect emotionally, but soon realises that Lockhart's intentions toward her are not at all what she believed.
She always knew he was dangerous and every fibre of her being was telling her to run. However, after he introduced her to a lifestyle that teased the very depths of her depravity, she couldn’t stay away if she tried.
He may not love her, but he wants to keep her and no-one can keep him from his prize.
Not even Cerise.
In the end, games and blackmail are half the fun of winning.



Lockhart, book 1


If there’s one thing Cerise has learned in her short time on earth, it’s not to play with fire or you get burned… badly. Not that she's ever listened.

Lockhart is fire.
Raging fire.
Fire she doesn’t need.
But, like gasoline, when faced with fire, she’s going to be consumed.
There’s no running from Tobias Lockhart when he wants you. There’s always a new game to play.
Unfortunately for Cerise this is a game of hatred and she’s the shiny centrepiece.


Waiting for rock bottom is like waiting blind folded and deafened on the tracks of a train that could arrive at any moment.

For Cerise, rock bottom comes far quicker than she can anticipate and even Tobias Lockhart can’t break through her mental fort.
He can’t figure out her sudden change and she can’t figure out how to live again.
Neither have ever been the kind to give up, yet both seem to be doing exactly that.
Sometimes that light at the end of the tunnel just isn’t worth reaching for, until it’s gone entirely.

Lockdown, book 2


unlocked, book 3


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