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A whole lot of nopes keep happening in Shay’s new world, and the fact she keeps disappearing into this echoey dark place full of mini demon ankle biters and dead people is surprisingly one of the lesser nopes.
Though it’s not all bad, she did get dicked by a wolf king… but she also sort of wished he was somebody else. Not that she’ll ever admit that out loud.
Okay so she probably would admit it out loud, it is whatever.
Still, life is wild right now, even for a vampire.
Gone are the days it was all about blood and how it sometimes tastes like gravy, and here are the days where Shay must learn to navigate her vampiric nature while surrounded by those who aren’t her kind.
She hardly knows who she is anymore, and she’s pretty certain that isn’t a good thing at all.


This is the second book  released in the Hell Queens Hath No Fury saga, follow the story through Shay's eyes through the A series.

Syphon 2A