Isaac Price is a hard working teacher, forced to move back to the town he hates in order to help his father as his mother's mind spirals from reality, devoured by Alzheimers.

Eloise Blackburn is a good student, struggling to get her life back on course after a year where she lost control of everything.

Both are desperately trying to escape, he from small town life and she from an overbearing and controlling father.

In each other they find a kindred spirit and form a bond that slowly blossoms into love. But in a world where everyone is quick to judge the outcome, yet never questions the journey, it doesn't matter that she's of age. It doesn't matter that they never intended for it to happen. All that matters is that they broke a taboo - a love between a teacher and a student twelve years his junior.

Unable to walk away from each other, do they dare to risk it all?

Forget labels. Forget rules. This is just a journey of two people who fall.


Book #1 of 3 -- The Distraction Trilogy



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