Raven and Travis sitting in a tree, doing things they shouldn’t be.
HA… yeah, right.
Raven hates her stepbrother with a passion, and she’s certain Travis returns the sentiment because he makes life at home with him hell.
He ruined her favorite T-shirt, damn it.
He’s a stepdork who plays weird board games with his dweebish buddies, and she’s a party-hard female who spends the majority of time with her equally party-hard girls. Travis excels at school, particularly science; Raven can’t remember the last time she did homework or attended a class without playing on her phone.
They couldn’t be more opposite if they tried.
So why does her heart skip a beat when he graces her with a rare smile?
Why does it race when he surprises her with an unexpected moment of kindness?
Living together is probably going to get messy.
Not that Raven cares because… drama.




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