I made the mistake of sleeping with my best friend. Now he wants more, but he knows I have a three-night rule. His persistence is irritating, I might just give in to keep him happy.

I'm sure having a few more nights of fun with him won't ruin our relationship. Neither of us like commitment so it's perfect.

Just great sex with no strings.

That's possible, right?



Three nights? Three nights isn't enough to get her out of my system and I know for a fact it isn't enough for Marie to get me out of hers.

Why shouldn't we repeat the best sex of our lives?

I say best because well... I am the best. She doesn't need to tell me for me to know this. I also say this because she's the best and she doesn't need me to tell her this either. She knows it and she owns it.

It's hot.

So I want more than three nights, or until it starts to get serious. I won't take no for an answer.


Age 18+ due to sexual content and occasional foul language.

A Little Bit of Truth

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