It's safe to say I've loved a lot.

It's safe to say I've lost a lot.

How do you move on from what you've lost, when what you've lost is such a big part of you it takes that part with it?

I lost my wife and my firstborn three years ago. Since then I've existed, but now I'm trying to live. I have a new family and new friends who actually love my daughter Amelia and me unconditionally.

They think I should move on, I disagree.

Sure, I'm all for meeting a nice female and having a little bit of fun, but I can't give away a part of me that I lost three years ago.

And then I meet Loryn.

She brings color to my life, color I need but don't want. She frustrates me to no end and makes me as possessive as a caveman. But how do you keep someone who deserves to be loved when you know you can't love them yourself?

She wants something from me that I can't give.

This is our story. Mine and Loryn's, with a lot of everyone else and just a little bit of trouble.


*Recommended for readers aged 18+ due to some sexual content and strong language*


A Little Bit of Trouble

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