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Top Secret!

Hey guys!! I cannot express how excited I am to announce this top secret project I have been working on with the incredible illustrator rnild Aldepolla.

Together we have created a coloring book novella titled, "LAURIE'S LIFE LESSONS."

You may recognise the name "Laurie" as one of my beloved side characters from BECOMING HIS MISTRESS. << Click to take you to said book for a memory jog.

Laurie was such a hit with you all that I decided to give you just a little bit more.

And that's not all...

For every book sold, 50% of the net profits (profit after deduction of cost price/packaging) will be donated to a different Tourette's Syndrome charity every few months.

I feel strongly that it's not right that I profit from the lives of others and this is my way of trying to give a little bit back to the world, all the while spreading awareness about this syndrome which comes in many variations and intensities.

So if you would like to support a worthy cause, colour some incredible pictures crafted by an amazing illustrator who drew each scene based on chapters I sent to him, then look no further.

Click the link below and purchase your copy today.

You will also receive a FREE pack of crayons with your purchase.

This book will also post large letter, so costs to send internationally and nationally are a lot less than standard parcels.

Remember, if you purchase directly from my website I will receive 100% of the profit as opposed to the 70% I will receive through other vendors. Also, you have the option to get it signed this way too.

MUCH LOVE GUYS <3 Thanks for reading :D

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