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Becoming His Mistress-Do you dare?

Who is nervous about reading Becoming His Mistress?

Scared you might enjoy it??


Worried I might persuade you?

Worried I might make you root for the "villains" in an affair?Put down your books where you read of a woman's recovery after her husband has an affair and take a dip into the other side.

#Sexy #Cheating #Adultery #Love #FrenemiesToLovers

Read Me

BLURB Rose Sinclair counts through life in sixes. It's how she gets by when she's not in the company of her best friend and Tourette's sufferer, Laurie, or focusing on her busy work schedule as the personal assistant and office manager for the extremely attractive and extremely married, Ezra Conti. Everything has a place and Rose likes it that way. It must be that way. But even her quirks aren't enough to keep her in her lane and away from temptation. No matter how hard she tries to fight a detour in her life's perfect navigation system. She doesn't like-like her boss. Not one bit. He belongs with his wife, and Rose... … Rose belongs by his side.

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