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Christmas Cards & Paperback wins

It's almost the season and I know this is super early but I need to get my ducks in a row.

If you'd like to receive a Christmas Card from A E Murphy you're in the right place.

Simply fill out the form below.

Unfortunately due to postage prices and a lack of funds I am unable to post to the US at this time, so this is purely for UK people only. I apologise sincerely for this.

On the flip side, I am choosing 3 people at random to receive a signed paperback with their Christmas card. All you've got to do is join my newsletter, (<<<<click the word), enter your email even if you've already joined and you'll be entered into the draw.

<3 Thank you so much for your participation. <3

If you didn't know by now I love my readers and try to give back as often as I can so please only accept this if you are a lover of my words or interested in becoming one. Much love!

CLICK HERE FOR CHRISTMAS CARD SIGN UP P.S. While you're here, did you pre-order my next release yet?? Seizing Rain, coming 01/01/2019 <3 Here's a short clip. Kidnapped from her doorstep in return for information, Rain finds herself miles from home in the middle of the ocean, on a pirate ship full of criminals and ex-cons. Escaping with her life is the least of her worries when the captain insists she stay in his room, in his bed, by his side, always. He’s her captor, but with sweet gestures come blurred lines. And hatred, a passionate emotion, can morph into things not to be said aloud or even thought.

The captain is a bad man, and unfortunately for Rain, he wants her to be bad too.

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