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Through My Tainted Eye - by Layla Fox - (A. E. Murphy's Author of the Day)


Through My Tainted Eye

by Layla Fox

Cover by

WARNING: Contains scenes of a graphic, sexual and violent nature

I'm not a good person

I have blood on my hands

My life has revolved around crime and drugs, and I've cheated, exploited and murdered my way up the ladder in order to find a way in to The Skull Caps - a gang notoriously known for drug peddling and


But there's something more. Something darker, something that drives me to keep going. It's the reason my life has led me down this path. It is my only reason for being.

Or, it was.

I've made a grave mistake. I have fallen for a man who stands for everything I oppose. He is Dangerous, deadly and gorgeous. This lethal combination will be my undoing, but I cannot stay away from him.

He is standing in the way of my freedom from this life, but I'm not ready to give him up. If he learns of my past, I'm afraid that he will kill me, but I still cannot walk away. He is my drug.

He is the reason I am tainted.

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