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The Broken Tales 1(Spoilers)

Updated: Oct 12, 2019

Thank you for voting for Nathan and Gwen from the Broken Trilogy after the last story, aka "Tales of Distraction " if you missed it, click the link at the end of this post or head over to my main blog page.

It was a pleasure to write this short clip for you from Nathan's perspective. I apologise that it isn't as long as I'd hoped but I've been on holiday and had a lot of work to catch up on. Don't forget to vote for the next couple for October's short story at the bottom of this post. :D


The Broken Tales 1


I take a bite of the cookies that she carefully wrapped and left on the side for me. She keeps doing this, leaving me delicious little treats. It’s her way of saying thank you, I guess. I should tell her it’s unnecessary, but the last time I told her to stop doing something she started crying again.

I hate it when she cries. It gives me this dreadful itch in my chest that no fingers can reach to scratch.

“You’re back.” She yawns sleepily, wearing an oversized T-shirt that hangs loosely over the curve of her belly. The pink nipples of her plump breasts press against the white fabric and I feel myself stirring.

I’m a monster, finding her attractive now, of all times, when she’s simply trying to relax in a place she should feel safe.

“How was work?”

I brush past her, ignoring her question for two reasons: one, so she doesn’t follow me, and two, because my erection is throbbing against the zip of my pants. My underwear is doing nothing to protect it from chafing.

What kind of man am I that only her voice and nipples will get me this frustrated? I just need to push her down onto her bed and---

“Nathan?” She sounds sad as I ascend the stairs but I don’t care about that right now.

Why did I bring her here? Why? In this place that I loathe?

She doesn’t follow. I knew she wouldn’t, though a huge part of me was hoping she would.

She chose him, I remind myself. She chose Caleb, not me. Not that she knew me, but she still chose him. Everybody always chooses Caleb. Mother, father, grandmother… but not grandfather.


I had to be that sick bastard’s favourite. As the memories surface, I shove them back and push my fist into my groin until it hurts so badly that I feel nauseous.

I guess I shouldn’t be so bitter because Caleb’s no longer here to be chosen. I simply sometimes envy the life that should have been mine. Minus the illness of course.I should have had loving parents, holidays, a happy home, weekly rituals of milk and honey on Fridays. I should have been protected from him.

I should have been able to go onto the beach and speak to Gwen that day. She’d be mine. This child would have been mine. I slam my bedroom door behind me and rip my hands through my hair. Why must my thoughts always circle back around to this?

I pace my room, trying to tire myself, trying to tire my mind, but the wheel keeps turning. It’s unrelenting in its urgency to destroy any happiness left inside.It is all her fault. I should never have brought her here. She’s ruining everything, namely my solitude and sanity.

Ugh. I’m a terrible person. This isn’t her fault. I sound like a madman.

I’ll make more of an effort tomorrow. She needs clothing that isn’t see-through, clothing that doesn’t get me hard just looking at her in it. Though I doubt anything will help with that. It’s just her and only her. She makes me crazy. It’s not her looks, though those certainly help, but everything about her.

The way she bites her lip. The way she sounds when she sighs. How deeply in concentration she plummets when reading… not that I watch.

I strip down to my boxers and climb into bed. Normally I’d fall asleep straight away, plunging myself into nightmares I can’t escape, but tonight sleep evades me.

I have to get a grip. I can’t keep doing this to myself anymore. She’s leaving as soon as I get the money for her from Caleb’s trust fund and then I won’t have to worry about any of it anymore.

I can return to my life of solitude, which I enjoy. Nothing but the sound of my own thoughts and breathing. No screaming babies, no… I roll over onto my side and grip my still hardened cock through my underwear. It hurts. It should hurt. I don’t deserve pleasure.

I’m a liar, nothing but a liar. I don’t want her to leave. I never want her to leave. One more day without her presence will be my end. Caleb’s or not, I have to find a way to make her stay. But how, when I can’t even stand to be in the same room as her without thinking impure thoughts and wanting so many things I shouldn’t? I’m cruel to her but I don’t know how to be anything else.

My social cues need a lot of work.

I fist my cock again but for an entirely different reason this time and the only person and thought that flashes through my mind is her. Thank you for reading! <3 Vote for next month's couple below. If you missed last month's, click HERE.

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