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It has been such a long time coming but I am super excited to show this beautiful cover that I have been keeping hidden for far too long.

His Father has actually been finished for a while now but due to funding issues I couldn't get my editor, (Judy's Proofreading) on it until recently and she sent the file back a couple of days ago. Which has been so difficult because I am not a patient gal. Not in the slightest. When I finish a book... I need it done yesterday!

I squeaked with excitement as you can imagine when I received the edited file then went through it with a figurative fine-toothed comb and sent it to my formatter, JC Clarke, who makes it paperback perfect.

I've already set up Pre-Order links with the release date, 1st September 2018!

I really hope you enjoy it but pretty please leave feedback either way. Your review could make all the difference.

Click the links below for ease: AMAZON (Kobo and Nook coming soon. Will update with links in the week.)

(Will go live soon. So stay tuned.)

It was created by Danielle Dickson of Vixen Designs, you can find her on FB, just click the link below to take you to the page she co-hosts along side another, equally incredible designer.

D&D Premades

In the meantime...

check out my other works if you haven't already, all of them can be found in the BOOKS tab above.

If you're feeling something taboo, why not try, The DISTRACTION TRILOGY? A teacher and his student who fall when they most definitely shouldn't.

Or if you want a FREE read, the first part of my newest trilogy is up for grabs.

LOCKHART (Sweet Demands Trilogy 1)


Lockhart is the kind of man who will go to any lengths to get what he wants. Cerise is about to learn this the hard way. She thinks they connect emotionally, but soon realises that Lockhart's intentions toward her are not at all what she believed.She always knew he was dangerous and every fibre of her being was telling her to run. However, after he introduced her to a lifestyle that teased the very depths of her depravity, she couldn’t stay away if she tried.He may not love her, but he wants to keep her and no-one can keep him from his prize. Not even Cerise. In the end, games and blackmail are half the fun of winning.

Click the links for your preferred platform.





OH! And don't forget to check out my ongoing competition over on my blog for your chance to win 3 signed books and a Kindle Fire! :D <3 Much Love

A. E. Murphy

aka Alex

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