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Everything in this picture... minus the backdrop (aka throw blanket)... could be yours!

Hi everyone! A. E. Murphy typing, aka Alex <3

Welcome to my new and improved website!

To thank you all for coming I wanted to do a little GIVEAWAY as you can see here.

Everything in this picture could be yours no matter where you are in the world! (Not including the blanket it rests on) All you have got to do is follow these simple steps below:

1. Sign up to my newsletter.

( )

I will not spam you. I will simply update you with my latest works, releases and occasional shoutouts. All newsletter subscribers are automatically put in for all future competitions too and I'm going to aim to do one monthly, if not moreso.

2. Share this, or any of my book posts on FB.

( )

If you don't have FB do either of the two below instead.

3. Follow me on Twitter. (Optional)

( )

4. Download my FREE book from Amazon, Nook, Kobo, etc. (Optional) - [screenshot proof] Click on the words to take you to your desired download link.




or for a direct file download, try...


5. Comment on this post in the comment section below or in the place I have shared it to let me know you're done. (Mandatory) Screenshots of Lockhart download mandatory for that extra chance to take effect. Also the FIRST FIFTY PEOPLE to participate will get an extra 5 chances to win. List of PRIZES:

  • Kindle Fire HD 7" brand new and sealed. Blue colour. *Genuine tablet from Amazon. I have the receipt*

  • The complete Lockhart Trilogy paperbacks. (Signed to your specifications) *If you have these, they can be swapped for other paperbacks of your choosing*

  • An "I can't adult today" notebook with matching pen.

  • Metal bookmark made by me and a ton of other swaggy bits and bobs as seen in the picture.

All of this, upon competition completion, will be delivered directly to your door (or door of your choosing), funded by me.

There are no hidden quirks or charges.

You can enter and share as many times as you like. Also, if you already have the book or follow me on the networks, don't worry, simply comment and it will still count. This competition is for every reader, new and old. You'll all have an equal chance of winning :D

When the winner is drawn I will be checking to see if they have done as they've said so please no time wasters. <3

Also... stay tuned for future posts because I do have another tablet to gift... <3 Much love <3

Nobody is affiliated with this GIVEAWAY. It is all on me.

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