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Welcome to my world of Crazy

Welcome to my very own personal website, created and designed by Danielle Dickson of Vixen Designs, with very little input from yours truly.

It was time to get my adult cap on and own my brand.

I love to write so much that often times the rest gets neglected. I don’t mean for it to happen, I just adore to lose myself in the many worlds trapped in my mind.

This website will tie everything together, making it easier for me and my readers to navigate all of my information and keep up to date with future works.

I am so grateful for your visit and continued support and hope you love this space as much as I already do. Not only will I keep it up to date on my works but also the selected articles and works of other authors and creative people that I admire.

Be it a novel, poetry, or even just a picture I love. So please, stay tuned, sign up to my newsletter, keep in touch via social media, and check back in when you feel like it.

Much love,

A. E. Murphy


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