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About Me


Alex loves her readers. Alex says thank you. Alex smiles.

A. E. Murphy is the queen of sarcasm and satire. She likes long walks in the park as much as ice cubes like to chill in a roasting oven.

She’s effortlessly independent and so good at adulting it’s unfair on the rest of the world. She only napped twice today and has only avoided the dishes for three days before making the child slaves do them this morning... winning!

Her favourite hobby is writing, her worst hobby is reading through that writing.

Also, she has two cats that carry toys to the top of the stairs and drop them down so they can chase them. They do this repeatedly in the middle of the night.

Who cares if she has work the next morning? Not the cats, that’s for sure.

And if it’s not the cats doing the waking, it’s the toddler crawling into bed with her and pulling individual hairs from her scalp with pudgy little fingers for comfort.

This is likely why she’s in a constant state of grump unless there’s chocolate and coffee.

P.S. Please leave feedback, if not on my books then on this ridiculous bio she wrote herself. It’s the least you can do seeing as she’ll forever talk in the third person now.

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